The Error

by Mordechai Housman
With copious help from his wife, Kressel

(With apologies to Edgar Allen Poe)

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I deleted, weak and weary,
Many encrypted email attachments from e-stores galore,
While I queried, clicking, surfing; suddenly there came a dinging,
Of my server gently bringing, email to my virtual door.
"Tis some spammer," I muttered, "cluttering up my inbox more;
Only this, and nothing more."

Presently I read that letter, which claimed it linked to something better,
"Sir," wrote I, "or madam, truly your courtesy I implore;
But the fact is, I was browsing, and so suddenly you came carousing,
And so slyly you came carousing, selling, displaying on my monitor,
That I wondered if I knew you." Here I clicked the mouse once more --
No link there, but "404!"

Long I kept the engines searching, long I sat there, wondering, seeking,
Doubting, wandering places no mortals ever dared to surf before;
but never could I find that page, the web site of that spamming mage.
Still, words of wisdom, words so sage, came so readily to the fore -
Yon error message found on too many sites yet more and more,
Quoth the server, "404."


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