Conversion Issues

The first thing you need to know is that if your mother is or was Jewish, then you are Jewish. if your mother’s mother was Jewish, then your mother is/was Jewish, and so are you. If your mother’s mother’s mother was Jewish, the same applies, all the way down to you, even if you are a man and not a woman. If you are a Jewish woman, then your children will always be Jewish, no matter what.

So if that is the case, you do not need to convert. What you need to do is what every Jew needs to do: join an Orthodox-Jewish community and congregation, get close to a Rabbi and his family, and begin to study Torah and pray regularly. If you can’t find a synagogue in the phone book, contact me or my wife and we will try to find the synagogue nearest you.

Here are some articles dealing with important issues about conversion to Judaism.

Becoming Jewish.
For non-Jews who want to convert to Judaism. The pros and cons, how to do it, and what you need to know, as well as links and contact information for Rabbis who help with conversions in various parts of North America. Plus a link to a page with Hebrew-language tutor software.

They Say You Can’t Choose Your Family…
What if your spouse doesn’t want to convert with you? Must you choose Judaism over your family? What if you feel you won’t fit in because you don’t have children?

Teenage Converts
A Christian teenager wrote me about the problems he has with his parents because he wants to become Jewish. Here is his letter and my answer with my advice on the subject.

Non-Orthodox Conversions: Are They Valid?
Some Fundamentals. What conversions are valid? Other requirements. Isn’t sincerity enough?

How to Find a Rabbi or Synagogue
Websites with lists of or search engines for Rabbis and/or synagogues.