Life, the Afterlife, and the Soul


The Soul, and What Happens After We Die
The soul is not what you think it is. The multi-faceted nature of the human spiritual essences. What happens to those spiritual essences after death? What goes where, and what comes along with them? Is there such a place as Hell? Is there an Afterlife?

The Messianic Era and the World to Come
How long will this world last? What do we mean by the resurrection, and when will it take place? What is the World to Come, and what will it be like? What will the Messianic Era be like, and when will it happen?

The Afterlife
Is the Purpose of Life to Aspire to the Afterlife? A brief restatement and outline of the timetable of the future. The advantage and purpose of this world and the Next World.

Body and Soul
Why does Judaism Forbid Cremation? What is the Relationship Between the Body and the Soul?

On the Nature of Free Will
Does Judaism believe that people have free will? What does “free will” really mean, according to Judaism? Where does the Torah mention free will?