The Mesorah: The History and Transmission of the Jewish Traditions

The History of the Exodus and the Receiving of the Torah
What really happened in Egypt and afterwards. This also has a capsule history of the Children of Israel from Noah until The Second Temple.

The Jewish History Timeline Chart
A brief chart of the time line of Jewish History, with major events from Creation until the birth of the Bal Shem Tov (1698), with both the Jewish and Gentile dates listed for each. A glance at the names of the eras of Jewish History.

How Old is the Torah?
Showing that the Torah is at least 3,313 years old. The Periods of Jewish History (in brief). Tracing the Torah back to Moses. Who are the Samaritans, and how do they help prove our case? The Torah was created by Hashem 2,000 years before Creation.

Scripture Only, Please: Asking Questions
The relationship between the Written Torah and the Oral Torah. How not to ask a Rabbi questions.

The Indispensable Oral Law
How to understand the Torah. Why do we have an Oral Torah? Is it necessary?

Why Did Hashem Create an Oral Torah?
Why did it need to be oral, and not written? Its unique properties. The details it contains. Context and changing idioms. The personal touch.

The Oral Law and Our Own Opinions
Is every opinion about the Torah valid? Are there guidelines to interpreting the Torah? Do we need to follow established precedence? What to do in case of doubt. Where did the Oral Law come from?

How the Torah was Taught and Transmitted
Part 1: From Moses to Joshua.
How Moses taught the Torah to the Generation in the Sinai Desert. What Hashem taught Moses, and what Moses taught the Children of Israel. The types of sections in the Scrolls of the Written Torah. The system of Elders and Leaders. The Sanhedrin and the Lower Courts. The Mosaic Ordination. Who wrote the Written Torah? Moses hands over the leadership of the Torah Nation to Joshua.

Coming one of these days: the transmission of the Torah after the passing of Moses.