Learning About Judaism

Learning About Judaism

Partners In Torah
Find a personal trainer for your Torah study! Run by Torah Umesorah, this is available all over North America. This is the program with which I am involved.

Learn Hebrew
Links to online websites with programs and games for learning Hebrew and other Jewish subjects.

Aleph-Bet Chart
Learn to read Hebrew in just a few lessons! It’s worth your time.

A Beginner’s Reading List
Two reading lists for those who wish to learn about Judaism.

Your First Visit to a Synagogue
What to expect in a synagogue, what to do there, and how to find one to go to.

Coming soon, Hashem willing:

Prayer in Judaism. (Really, this should be read before the article about visiting the synagogue, but I don’t control the universe, and Hashem inspired me to finish that one first. I hope I’ll get to this one soon, with Hashem’s help.)
Becoming Religious: Where do You begin?
You were raised Christian, but you just found out you’re Jewish. What now?