Frequently Asked Questions About Judaism

Part One
What does “Torah” mean? And what do “Tanach,” “Halachah,” “Mitzvah,” “Mezuzah,” and “Tefillin,” mean? Why do some people write “G-d” instead of spelling it out in full? How does Kosher work?

Part Two
What is Shabbos/Shabbat? What is a bagel? Why don’t Jews believe in Jesus? How does the Jewish Calendar work? Why are Jewish Women allowed to wear wigs?

The Chosen People
The History Behind It. Is it still true today? Why Choose Us? Who is Included in This? What it means to be “chosen.”

Men and Women in Judaism
Is a Wife the property of her husband, in Jewish Law? Does a Man “Inherit” his Brother’s Wife When the Brother Dies? Does Judaism Consider Women Unclean or Disgusting? Why won’t Men Touch Women?

Good and Evil
Does Judaism believe that the world is in a Conflict Between Good & Evil?

What’s With Those Kosher Symbols Anyway?
Are those O’s and U’s really necessary? What are they for? Do Rabbis really bless the food? A lot of hate groups talk about this, without any understanding of the subject. Here’s the truth.

Halloween and Jews?
Are Judaism and Halloween compatible? Can it fit into Jewish life?