Being Jewish. The Mitzvos Gateway

How the Mitzvos Protect Us From Sin
The Physical versus the Spiritual within us. Why Jewish women are like the Priests in the Holy Temple.

Shatnez: Forbidden Mixtures of Clothing
Are all mixtures forbidden? Which are, and which aren’t. How prevalent is this problem? Do people still keep this prohibition? How to have your clothing checked for shaatnez.

The Mitzvah of Tefillin
What Tefillin are, and a little bit about how they are made. Understanding the Mitzvah. Some of the Laws about wearing Tefillin. How to put on Tefillin, with pictures to help.

Tzitzis: What Are Those Strings Jewish Men Wear?
About Tzitzis: four-cornered clothing and Jewish Law. How we have Standards in all our actions. How to remember G-d and the Commandments. The blue thread.

Mezuzah: The Jewish Lightning Rod.
What is that little box on the doorposts of Jewish homes? How a Mezuzah is made. What a Mezuzah looks like (includes a gif of a Mezuzah scroll). Who may write a Mezuzah. What sort of door needs a Mezuzah? How to affix a Mezuzah on your door, and the blessing to recite. Where to buy a Mezuzah. The protection a Mezuzah offers.

On Equality
My wife Kresel’s article about Women and the Mitzvos, and why they are exempt from many of the Mitzvos. In her own words: “Some Jewish women feel they should wear talleisim and tefillin to “be equal” to men. This is a terrible mistake. Women ARE equal to men. Our spiritual paths do not have to be the same to be equal.” Read this article and understand why.